Peter Weniger / Hubert Nuss Quintett: Hymn To Gobro (1989)

Franck Band: Liebeslieder (1989)

Franck Band: Loser (1991)

Franck Band: Dufte (1992)

Susan Weinert Band: Mysterious Stories (1992)

Franck Band: Live (1993)

Susan Weinert Band: Crunch Time (1994)

Susan Weinert Band: The Bottom Line (1996)

Franck Band: Immer Ich (1997)

Soul Cats: Raw (1997)

Susan Weinert Band: Point Of View (1998)

Frank Nimsgern Group: Snowhite (1999)

Dieter Teuber: Blackbird (1999)

Selcuk Bays: 9.2.9. (1999)

Gereon Schoplick: Secret History (2000)

Hans Peter Salentin: My Funky Salentin(e) (2000)

Reimer@Setzer: Between The Worlds (2001)

Franck Band: Lieber Gott (2001)

Susan Weinert Band: Triple Talk Life (2002)

Susan Weinert Band: Running Out Of Time (2003)

SpaceTribez: Same Time Same Space (2003)

Walerie Kühl: The New Confidence (2005)

Oliver Doering & Groove Poodle: Jazz Party Effervation (2007)

Frank Nimsgern Group: Der Ring (2007)

Henrik Freischlader: Tour 2010 Live (2010)

Wouter Wierda: Neobash (2012)

Tate Simms: Feel It (2012)

Renato Rozic: Black & White (2012)

Cosimo Erario: C.E. (2013)

Frau Karo: Breaking Clouds (2014)

Layla Zoe: Live At Spirit Of 66 (2015)

Layla Zoe: Breaking Free (2016)

Coco Roadshow
 feat. Sir Waldo Weathers: The Soul Of James Brown (2016)

Worthy Davis: Pieces Of Park Hill (2016)

The Phunkguerilla: Kingdom Of Fire (2017)

Adrienne Morgan Hammond: Interpretations (2017)

First Klaas Quintett: Moving (2017)

Thorsten Skringer: Aerosoul Power (2021)

Yassmo: How Deep Is The Phunk (2021)